As your IT systems are essential to your business operations, it is essential to have reliable and efficient backup service and plan to maintain business continuity. Our ARCVault Managed Backup Service takes the burden of regular backups and rapid recovery off your internal team, and off your mind. The Service is monitored end-to-end by our in house technical team ensuring your daily backups are successful and the onsite local appliance is in sync with the off-site data repository. Any problems are identified quickly and rectified rapidly. If it’s our client’s preference then they can monitor the end-to-end backup with our dashboard and App.

In many businesses, the availability of critical IT services has become just as important as the availability of electric power itself. When designing a HA plan every element that delivers the critical IT service should be scrutinised. Redundancy, replication and failover at all levels should be considered to achieve maximum up time. However the reality is the IT budget to achieve such redundant systems is not available or out of reach for many businesses.

There is nothing like a good horror movie to scare you! The same can be said for how some businesses backup and manage their IT Business Continuity. Arcsystems has a wealth of experienced consultants who specialise in mitigating the loss if a disaster scenario unfolds. We help businesses design an end-to-end Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan that is effective to them ensuring what is critical to their business is working within their RTO. To demonstrate why you need a Business Continuity Plan we have compiled some general statistics of what might happen to your business if you don’t!


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