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Mission Statement

“Founded in 1992 ARC (UK) Systems vision is to provide unrivalled IT services and give our customers the best advice and experience possible”

    It is the policy of ARC (UK) Systems Ltd, to ensure the highest quality of standards and industry best practice. In providing cost-effective solutions to its customers, ARC aims to meet its clients’ requirements with a helpful personal touch and a complete range of in-house services.  
    Quality processes are embodied in the company’s Quality and Procedures Manuals which are in compliance with ISO 9001, the International Quality Assurance Standard, and are obligatory for all employees and partners. Additionally, any suppliers or sub-contractors used by the company are also required to provide corresponding levels of service and delivery.
The Managing Director and management are fully committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the supply of quality services and documentation, in accordance with the company’s organisational goals and the expectations and needs of all its customers.
    This is achieved in part by setting the following quality objectives and measuring performance against these to maintain and continually improve its effectiveness by:
•    Ensuring all employees are suitably trained, knowledgeable and experienced in their field to give a unique professional service
•    Increasing customer satisfaction with bespoke solutions and clear, ethical contracts and services
•    Maintaining effective communication with customers to promote and emphasise  its quality standards and exceed customer expectations
•    Complying with relevant regulatory and industry standards, including health, safety and environmental
•    Controlling costs by efficient practices and a concern for Environmental sustainability

The Managing Director and senior management will liaise to run the Quality Management System, with the Quality Manager having authority to deal with all matters relating to quality. This Policy and the Quality Management System will be reviewed annually for continuing suitability.

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