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Arc Systems invests further into private hosted platform

Arc Systems are continuing to invest in the future of their clients following our recent acquisition of a new Highly Resilient Infrastructure.

The substantial investment made by Arc Systems will allow us to further enhance our private cloud offerings to our customers.

This new technology will significantly increase Arc Systems’ computing and storage capacity to take it beyond the next decade.

With the likes of AWS and Azure now household names, this investment allows Arc Systems customers to enjoy some benefits this technology brings at a competitive price.

Matthew Clayden, Technical Director at Arc Systems, said: “Over the past decade, we have seen fantastic growth in our private cloud services with excellent client retention.

“I believe the retention is attributed to the continual infrastructure improvements we make, plus of course not overlooking our technical team who do a fantastic job of supporting the platform.

” This new investment will set the bar even higher for us whilst confirming why our USP of providing a tangible private cloud is what sets us apart from our MSP competitors in the SME market place.

“The latest round of upgrades will provide us the infrastructure to not only increase our compute and storage capacity, but also allow us to be even more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient whilst increasing our uptime beyond the current 99.99%.”

Mark Crowley, Enterprise Architect, added: “We have taken this opportunity to further enhance Arc’s private cloud infrastructure across our datacentres. Our new infrastructure is built on leading HPE compute, storage and network hardware including upgrades to 100Gb core network with built-in resilience at every level of the platform.”

For further information on this project and how it can help your business, please contact Arc Systems at [email protected]

To download the full press release, click here.


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