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Business Email Security: How to Safeguard Your Organisation from Rising Cyber Threats

In an increasingly digitised world, the realm of cybersecurity faces growing challenges, and one of the most concerning trends is the surge in business email hacks putting business email security at risk. A recent report by leading insurance company Beazley reveals that such attacks, characterised as “business email compromises,” have witnessed a staggering increase of approximately 133% in recent times. As a trusted partner in the realm of cybersecurity, Arc Systems recognises the urgency of addressing this pressing issue. In this article, we delve into the intricate world of business email security, offering insights, statistics, and actionable tips to fortify your organisation against these sophisticated threats.

The Alarming Figures: Understanding the Scope of Business Email Hacks

The data presented in Beazley’s report sheds light on the gravity of the situation. A substantial 47% of all cybersecurity incidents can be attributed to hacking or malware, making it the leading cause of concern for organisations worldwide. Even more distressing is the fact that hacking and malware incidents have surged by 10% since the previous year, predominantly due to the rise in business email compromises. Other notable causes of cybersecurity incidents include accidental disclosure (20%), Business Insider (9%), Social Engineering (8%), and Portable devices (6%).

The Targets of Cyber Attacks: Identifying Vulnerable Sectors

No industry is immune to the perils of cyber threats, and Beazley’s findings underscore this reality. The report reveals that the healthcare sector and financial institutions are bearing the brunt of these attacks, accounting for 41% and 20% of the targeted sectors, respectively. Educational institutions (10%) and professional services (7%) also rank high among the targeted sectors. Notably, a staggering 59% of security incidents in the financial services sector resulted from hacking or malware attacks. Furthermore, other industries, including construction, education, hospitality, and retail, are also facing similar cybersecurity challenges.

Unravelling the Sophistication: Phishing Emails and Their Menacing Impact

As hackers refine their tactics, phishing emails have become increasingly sophisticated, posing a significant threat to organisational security. The success of such attacks hinges on bypassing spam filters and tricking recipients into inadvertently compromising their systems. An alarming revelation from Beazley’s report is that hackers often target individual employees, aiming to gain access to the entire organisational network and spread malware extensively. To protect against such threats, Arc Systems stresses the importance of employee education. Familiarising staff with the tell-tale signs of phishing attacks can be instrumental in thwarting potential breaches.

How Arc Systems Can Bolster Your Cybersecurity Defences

At Arc Systems, we are committed to empowering organisations with top-tier IT security solutions. As we partner with leading security companies in the industry, we can provide tailored recommendations that precisely meet your business’s unique security needs. Our Arc Secure section on the website offers valuable insights into safeguarding your organisation from potential threats. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies from companies like Sophos and Mimecast, we deliver comprehensive protection that ensures your business remains resilient in the face of evolving cyber dangers.

Key Takeaways: Strengthening Your Organisation’s Cyber Resilience

In conclusion, the rise in business email hacks demands swift and proactive action from organisations in the UK and across the globe. With the stakes higher than ever, securing your business’s sensitive information and valuable assets becomes a non-negotiable imperative. As a leading cybersecurity partner, Arc Systems is here to assist you on this crucial journey to fortify your organisation’s defences and navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

Remember, cyber threats are constantly evolving, and no organisation is invulnerable. Therefore, partnering with experts like Arc Systems and adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity is the key to safeguarding your business’s integrity and reputation in an increasingly interconnected world. If you need to contact us to speak to one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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