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Enhance Your Email Security with Mimecast: A Must for Every Business

Discover why Mimecast, offered by Arc Systems, provides the ultimate email security systems and cloud-based solutions for combating escalating email threats. Mimecast stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering cutting-edge cloud-based email management services tailored for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365. Mimecast isn’t just a solution; it’s a strategic ally in your ongoing battle against cyber threats. Trust, resilience, and unparalleled protection – that’s Mimecast’s promise to you.

Whether it’s warding off spam, fortifying email encryption, or standing guard against targeted threats, Mimecast has your back; here is what you can expect:

How Mimecast Enhances Your Email Security Systems

In an era of escalating cyber threats, Mimecast steps up with a robust suite of solutions. Defending against phishing, malware, spam, and those cunning targeted attacks, Mimecast’s arsenal includes advanced threat protection, URL safeguarding, impersonation detection, and fortification against internal email threats.

Archiving Reinvented: Mimecast’s archive isn’t just a storage space; it’s a secure vault for emails, files, and precious content. This centralised archive is a steadfast companion for compliance adherence, quick e-discovery, and efficient data recovery when needed.

Uninterrupted Communication: When email hiccups occur, Mimecast shines. It ensures business continuity even in the face of email outages. Your communication remains intact, flowing seamlessly, regardless of the occasional email downtime.

Safeguarding Data Integrity: Sensitive data shouldn’t venture outside your organisation inadvertently. Mimecast ends data leaks, securing confidential information and preserving the integrity of your communication.

Knowledge is Power: Acknowledging that human error can be a chink in the armour, Mimecast equips you with the tools to empower your team. Comprehensive awareness training modules educate your employees about the latest threats and best practices in the realm of email security.

Flawless Integration: Think of Mimecast as the perfect companion for your email platform. Seamlessly blending with numerous popular email systems, it supercharges your existing security and archiving features. Microsoft’s offerings find an ideal partner in Mimecast’s capabilities.

Cloud-based Brilliance: The beauty of Mimecast lies in its cloud-based nature. The days of grappling with on-premises hardware are over. Deploying and managing Mimecast cloud is a breeze, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – securing your communication.

Benefits of Using Mimecast in Your Email Security Systems

Mimecast offers a robust platform that defends your business from spam, viruses, malware, and emerging threats. It filters emails effectively, ensuring that only safe and relevant emails reach your inbox. Additionally, Mimecast provides targeted threat protection, safeguarding your business from specific, potentially harmful threats. As the bedrock of modern business interactions, email demands robust safeguarding. Here’s an exploration of the benefits of enhancing your email security with Mimecast:

Holistic Shield: Mimecast employs a multi-faceted approach to email security, casting a vigilant net against an array of threats – from insidious phishing attempts to stealthy malware and even the ominous Spector of ransomware.

Streamlined Management: With Mimecast, the complexity of juggling various email security solutions evaporates. A unified cloud-based platform becomes the fulcrum, simplifying administration and dismantling needless intricacies.

Email Uninterrupted: Disruptions to email systems needn’t spell chaos. Mimecast’s steadfast presence ensures the continuity of communication even amidst system outages, assuring uninterrupted collaboration.

Empowered Users: Education is armour, and Mimecast provides it aplenty. Its training programs enlighten users about the ever-evolving landscape of email threats, imbuing them with the wisdom to parry phishing and other cunning attacks.

Data Fortresses: Sensitive information takes shelter within Mimecast’s realm. Its content filtering and data loss prevention prowess ensure that your organisations secrets remain just that – secrets.

Compliance Sanctuary: For sectors entwined with stringent regulations, Mimecast’s archiving solutions offer a lifeline. Retain emails with ease, retrieve them when needed, and navigate the labyrinth of compliance requirements unscathed.

Liberated IT

The cloud is your ally in this realm. Mimecast slashes the need for on-premises hardware, casting off the shackles of IT overhead and paving the way for cost-effective operations.

Swift Responses: Mimecast’s vigil never wanes. Its vigilant threat intelligence and research teams stand sentinel, promptly fending off nascent threats with up-to-the-minute defences.

Masterful Control: Email policies are sculpted with precision. Mimecast bestows administrators with the power to shape intricate email filtering policies, aligning with the organisations unique needs and risk appetite.

Harmony with Familiars: Mimecast embraces the familiar. Seamlessly merging with the likes of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, it transforms the already robust security features of these platforms into an impregnable fortress.

Scales with You: Like an elastic shield, Mimecast’s scalability expands and contracts with your organisations growth. Regardless of user numbers, its shield remains unwavering.

Luminous Insights: Darkness gives way to light as Mimecast offers profound insights into email traffic, threats, and user conduct. Armed with this knowledge, organisations steer their course wisely.

Experience Mimecast: A Comprehensive Email Security Solution

Mimecast’s software is a comprehensive solution that you can explore and implement in your business. Here’s what Mimecast can offer you:

Who is Mimecast?

With 20 years of rich experience, Mimecast is a trusted cybersecurity provider. They specialise in enhancing email security, restoring trust, and strengthening cyber resilience.

Mimecast is a trusted cloud-based email management solution that provides comprehensive protection for your business’s email. Mimecast’s unified platform includes features for security, archiving, continuity, and compliance. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your emails are protected from all angles.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Mimecast:

If you are looking for a comprehensive email management solution that will protect your business mail, then Mimecast is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about how Mimecast can help you to keep your email safe.

Email Security

Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateways use cutting-edge technology to scan all inbound and outbound emails. This cloud-based platform guarantees complete protection against spam, malware, and other threats, even sophisticated email attacks. It filters emails effectively, ensuring that only safe and relevant emails reach your inbox. With Mimecast email security, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are increasingly prevalent, causing significant downtime for businesses. Mimecast’s solution not only helps prevent email-borne ransomware but also safeguards email addresses & email systems from downtime and data loss. Mimecast’s layered cyber resilience approach combines protection, continuity, archiving, and recovery capabilities within a single cloud solution. This targeted threat protection is essential in today’s digital landscape.


Large File Send

Mimecast’s Large File Send feature overcomes message and attachment size limits. This feature enhances both security and productivity by allowing employees to send and receive large files directly from Outlook. Attachments are protected with encryption, optional access keys, custom expiration dates, and Mimecast ensures receipt and download verification. Additionally, the platform supports audit, e-discovery, and compliance by archiving all files and notifications according to email retention policies.

Secure Messaging

Mimecast’s Secure Messaging Service provides a secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive or confidential information via email. This approach offers simplicity, intuitiveness for both senders and recipients, and minimal IT overhead.

Discover More with Mimecast

The features highlighted above are just a glimpse of how Mimecast can fortify your business’s email security. For further information, we recommend visiting Mimecast’s website, where you can explore more resources, including videos and downloads. You can also use the Mimecast email login feature to access your account and manage your settings.

Protect your business communications today! Contact Arc Systems to learn more about how Mimecast’s email security solutions can enhance your organisation’s defence against cyber threats. Request a consultation to discuss your specific requirements and implement robust email security measures.

Remember, Mimecast is more than just a logo; it’s a symbol of trust and resilience in the face of cyber threats. Whether you’re dealing with spam filtering, email encryption, or targeted threat protection, Mimecast has got you covered.