Help us continue to deliver the highest standard of customer service

At Arc Systems we are passionate about ensuring that you receive great customer service and support from our engineers at all times.

Arc Systems would be nothing without our wonderful clients, which is why the feedback we receive is so vitally important – good or bad.

That is why we have introduced a quick and easy way for you to tell us how we are doing, so we can continue to deliver high-end IT support combined with our excellent customer services.

When a support ticket now closes, our customers will be presented with several questions concerning the level of support you have received from Arc Systems.

We would kindly ask you to score these questions on a scale of 1-10 and leave any additional comments that you feel may help us in the future.

Arc Systems Operations Director Matthew Westney said: “In order to be truly ‘customer-focused’ we need to understand what we do that customers like and what they don’t.

“We take feedback very importantly. It helps us identify our staff training and development policy and ensures that we put the resources in place that impact most greatly on our customers.”

We would like to thank customers who have already taken the time to provide us with feedback using this new system.

If you do have any issues that you would like to discuss with Arc Systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always willing to discuss your concerns before they become serious issues.


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