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How Mimecast can help businesses improve email security.

With email attacks on the rise, businesses should make it a priority to visit stand 1080 on the second day of The Business Show.

That’s because Arc Systems will welcome cloud-based email security company Mimecast to their stand.

Mimecast’s sophisticated platform protects your business against spam, viruses, malware, and emerging threats.

But Mimecast is not just all about protecting your business. Other features such as email archiving, large file send and secure messaging means this platform is well worth a look.

And that is exactly what you can do if you pay Arc Systems a visit on the 16 May, as Mimecast will showcase their software on our stand.

So what can you expect to see from our friends at Mimecast?

Firstly, who are Mimecast?

Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that helps thousands of organisations worldwide make email safer, restore trust and bolster cyber resilience.

Mimecast provides clients with a comprehensive email & web risk platform solution through a single subscription service.

With over 31,000 customers and 1,200+ employees globally, Mimecast are rapidly becoming the leader in email security for businesses.

Email Security

Mimecast Secure Email Gateways scan all emails sent to or from your company to detect spam, malware, and other threats.

It uses sophisticated, multiple detection engines and intelligence to protect email data and its achieved 100% from the cloud.

Even from the more sophisticated email attacks, Mimecast’s platform is so advanced that you are safe in the knowledge that you are protected.

For more information, watch the Mimecast Video.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly popular in recent years. How much downtime can your business withstand?

78% of organisations that experienced a ransomware attack over the past year report that downtime lasted for more than one day.

The Mimecast solution helps organisations prevent email-borne ransomware as well as protect email systems from downtime or data loss.

Unlike vendors of standalone security or backup products, Mimecast tackles ransomware with a layered cyber resilience solution; bringing together protection, continuity, archiving, and recovery capabilities for your email from a single cloud solution.

This video shows how Mimecast can help your business stay safe from a Ransomware attack.

Large File Send

A neat feature in the Mimecast platform is overcoming message and attachment size limits with their Large File Send option.

Mimecast Large File Send supports security and productivity by enabling employees to send and receive large files directly from Outlook.

It protects attachments with encryption, optional access key, custom expiration dates and verifies receipt and download of files.

It also supports audit, e-discovery and compliance by archiving all files and notifications according to email retention policies.

Secure Messaging

Email, containing sensitive or confidential information, requires appropriate security controls.

Organisations need a method to communicate with external contacts that helps stop inadvertent or deliberate data leaks and protects information in transit.

It needs to be simple and intuitive for the sender and recipient and have minimal IT overhead.

The Mimecast Secure Messaging Service helps solve these challenges by providing a user-friendly, cloud-based secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information via email.

Sensitive information never leaves the Mimecast Secure Messaging portal, but is facilitated by email.

The above are just some of the ways Mimecast can help your business. For further information on Mimecast, visit their website ( or you can find more videos and downloads on our website.

Remember, you can register for free tickets to the Business Show by visiting

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