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Discover How Mimecast Can Safeguard Your Business

In today’s digital age, email security is more crucial than ever. With cyber threats on the rise, businesses need a robust and comprehensive solution to safeguard their email communications. That’s where Mimecast Email Security Solutions come in. Offering a wide array of features and benefits, Mimecast email security serves as your all-in-one solution for protecting, archiving, and managing your email ecosystem.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Advanced Threat Protection: Defend against phishing, malware, and spam with robust mechanisms, real-time monitoring, and user training.
  2. Email Archiving: Securely store and easily retrieve your emails and files, ensuring compliance and data integrity.
  3. Email Continuity: Maintain uninterrupted email service even during outages, with instant failover and seamless integration.
  4. Data Integrity: Prevent data leaks and secure confidential information through advanced encryption and access control.
  5. User Training: Equip your team with comprehensive cyber awareness training modules, accessible from any device.
  6. EMM Platform Compatibility: Ensure seamless integration with any Enterprise Mobility Management platform that supports AppConfig standards.
  7. Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate Mimecast with popular email systems like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, providing a unified dashboard for all your email management needs.

By leveraging these features, your organisation can not only enhance its email security but also improve operational efficiency and compliance. Read on to explore each feature in detail and understand how Mimecast can be your ultimate partner in email security.

1. Advanced Threat Protection: Your Robust Shield Against Cyber Threats

In today’s digital landscape, email communication risks are on the rise. From phishing attempts to malware infections, businesses face constant threats. Enter Mimecast’s Advanced Threat Protection.

Robust Defence Mechanisms

Mimecast’s email security services offer robust defences against a variety of threats:

Seamless Access to Key Services

Mimecast’s cloud-based architecture sets it apart. It provides seamless access to key services, including advanced threat protection. Manage your email security settings, view real-time analytics, and customise threat protection features—all from a single dashboard.

Why Choose Mimecast’s Advanced Threat Protection?

Advanced Threat Protection by Mimecast isn’t just a feature; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to protect your business from a myriad of cyber threats. With seamless access to key services and robust defence mechanisms, Mimecast equips your organisation to combat any email-related risks effectively.

2. Email Archiving: More Than Just Storage

In this age of data breaches and compliance regulations, simply storing your emails won’t suffice. You need a secure, accessible, and compliant archiving method for your business communications and files. Mimecast’s Email Archiving feature offers just that.

A Secure Vault for Your Data

Mimecast’s archive serves as a secure vault for emails and files. It encrypts and stores every piece of data in a geographically dispersed data centre, ensuring maximum security.

Easy Retrieval and Compliance

Mimecast’s Email Archiving feature stands out for its easy data retrieval. Whether for compliance audits or internal reviews, you can easily retrieve your data with just a few clicks.

Extending Security to Archiving

Mimecast extends its email security services to include email archiving. This holistic approach to email management covers both security and accessibility.

Why Choose Mimecast for Email Archiving?

Email Archiving by Mimecast is more than just a storage solution; it’s a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly way to manage your organisation’s critical data. With features extending from email security to archiving, Mimecast provides a one-stop solution for all your email management needs.

3. Email Continuity: Ensuring Uninterrupted Communication

In a world where business never sleeps, email outages can be more than just an inconvenience; they can be a costly disruption. That’s why Mimecast’s Email Continuity feature is designed to keep your communication flowing smoothly, even when the unexpected happens.

Uninterrupted Service During Outages

Mimecast ensures email continuity even during server outages, hardware failures, or other disruptions. This means your organisation can continue to send, receive, and access emails without any hitches.

Free Select Add Account Options

Email continuity in this app is a standout feature, allowing for free select add account options. This flexibility ensures that even in the event of an outage, alternative email accounts can be quickly activated to maintain uninterrupted service.

Why Choose Mimecast for Email Continuity?

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Mimecast’s Email Continuity seamlessly integrates with your existing email infrastructure, providing an additional layer of resilience without requiring any changes to your current setup.

Email Continuity by Mimecast is not just a feature; it’s a business necessity. With the ability to maintain uninterrupted email service even during outages, Mimecast ensures that your organisation stays connected, come what may.

4. Data Integrity: Safeguarding Your Organisation’s Confidential Information

In an era where data leaks and breaches are increasingly common, the integrity of your organisation’s data is paramount. Therefore, Mimecast goes beyond just email security to ensure that your confidential information remains secure and unaltered.

Ending Data Leaks

Firstly, Mimecast ends data leaks by employing advanced encryption and access control mechanisms. This ensures that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information, thereby securing confidential data within your organisation.

Preserving Communication Integrity

Secondly, the organisation uses Mimecast services to preserve the integrity of your communication. Emails and attachments are encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring that they cannot be altered or intercepted by malicious actors.

Why Choose Mimecast for Data Integrity?

Seamless Integration with Other Services

Lastly, Mimecast’s Data Integrity features integrate seamlessly with its other services, including email security and archiving. This provides a holistic approach to safeguarding your organisation’s data.

5. User Training: Empowering Your Team for Cyber Resilience

In the battle against cyber threats, your employees are the first line of defence. However, without proper training, they can also be the weakest link. Therefore, Mimecast addresses this by equipping your team with comprehensive awareness training modules.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Firstly, Mimecast offers a variety of training modules that cover essential topics such as phishing awareness, password management, and secure data handling. These modules are designed to be engaging and interactive, ensuring that your team not only learns but retains this crucial information.

Seamless Access to Training Modules

Secondly, the app provides seamless access to training modules, enhancing your organisation’s cyber resilience. Employees can easily log in to the training platform from any device, allowing them to complete modules at their own pace.

Why Choose Mimecast for User Training?

6. EMM Platform Compatibility: Versatility and Adaptability in One Package

In today’s diverse technological landscape, compatibility is key. Businesses often use a variety of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms to manage their mobile devices and applications. Mimecast ensures seamless integration by being compatible with any EMM platform that supports the AppConfig standards.

Universal Compatibility

Mimecast Email Security Solutions are designed to work effortlessly with a wide range of EMM platforms. Whether you’re using a well-known solution or a niche product, as long as it supports the AppConfig standards, Mimecast will integrate seamlessly.

Versatility and Adaptability

It’s an EMM platform that supports the AppConfig standards, making it versatile and adaptable. This means you can easily switch between different EMM platforms without worrying about compatibility issues, giving your organisation the flexibility it needs.

Why Choose Mimecast for EMM Compatibility?

Complementary to Other Mimecast Email Security Solutions

Mimecast’s EMM compatibility is designed to work in tandem with its other services like email security, data integrity, and user training, providing a comprehensive solution for your organisation. EMM Platform Compatibility by Mimecast is not just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage. With support for AppConfig standards, Mimecast offers the versatility and adaptability your organisation needs to navigate the complex world of enterprise mobility management.

7. Seamless Integration: Effortlessly Bridging Mimecast with Popular Email Systems

In the realm of business communication, disruptions are costly. That’s why it’s crucial for any email security solution to integrate smoothly with existing email systems. Mimecast stands out in this regard, offering effortless integration with popular platforms like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Effortless Integration with Leading Email Systems

Mimecast services are designed to work hand-in-hand with leading email systems. Whether your organisation relies on Microsoft Exchange for its on-premises email or utilises the cloud capabilities of Office 365, Mimecast ensures a smooth and secure experience.

Hallmark of Mimecast Email Security Solutions: Seamless Access

Seamless access to key services is a hallmark of Mimecast, especially when integrating with existing email platforms. This means that users can continue to use their preferred email client, while Mimecast works in the background, providing enhanced security, archiving, and continuity services.

Why Choose Mimecast Email Security Solutions for Seamless Integration?

Complementing Other Mimecast Features

Mimecast’s seamless integration is the foundation upon which its other features, such as email security, data integrity, and user training, are built. This ensures a cohesive and comprehensive email management solution for your organisation.

Seamless Integration by Mimecast is more than just a feature; it’s a commitment to ensuring that businesses can enhance their email security and management without disruptions or complications. With its effortless integration capabilities, Mimecast solidifies its position as a leading choice for organisations seeking a robust email management solution.

Ready to Fortify Your Email Security?

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Published 1 September 2020

Updated 11 September 2023