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IT knot. What is it and how Untangle your IT System

A guide with the guidelines and actions required to untie the IT Knot.

IT systems are like a series of ropes. When they’re strong, well-organised, and in the right places, they can pull things in the right direction, and hold everything together. If they’re old, frayed, or tangled up, not only do they not help, but they also make everything difficult and dangerous.

We’ve created this free download to help your organisation untangle the IT Knot.

Download your guide to untangling the IT Knot


Image of a multi coloured knot representing the IT Knot.

Unless you’re into knitting, you won’t think much about yarn, but it does have a lesson to offer anyone running a business. 

If you’ve knitted it into a handsome jumper, it’ll look fantastic, it’ll keep you warm, and you’ll love it. 

If you’ve left a load of loose threads in a basket, when you come back they’ll be a tangled mess, too difficult to even think about separating. 

A lot of businesses have got their IT knotted up. The digital wool is tangled. They can’t separate the threads, let alone make anything useful out of them. 

Here are the yarns and how to knit them into something stylish. 

The Yarns in the Basket 

Everyone’s yarn basket has got a different collection of colours, but here are some of the most common. 


Security never gets simpler, only ever more complex. New software means new weaknesses, and new technology means more ‘surface area’ to attack. Hybrid work means more devices, in more places, connected to more networks, which means more ways in for threats. 

There’s always an arms race between security and cybercrime, and businesses like yours are on the front line. 


It’s many businesses’ greatest asset and probably their greatest liability. For some, data is the business. Even the least digital business has customer and prospect contacts, stock and inventory lists, and reams of financial information. 

Even without the question of security, you need all of your data clean, accessible, consistent, and interpretable. In many cases, it just isn’t. 


Lots of workforces are hybrid, which means communication is less casual and effortless than it once was. You need your people reliably connected wherever they’re working. They’re all using Microsoft Teams, emails, and probably at least one database or CRM, with shared drives for documents and files. 

Then you have external comms. Customer support is a typical and very common example, along with sales and marketing communication. 


Tracking your processes, efficiency, productivity, supply chain, compliance, accounting, and competitors (to name a few) adds up to yet more data, more systems, and more users. 

Protecting your organisation

If you don’t want the worry of untangling that IT knot yourself, look no further. At Arc Systems, we take away the worry and can provide a clear plan of action to get your IT systems, software, hardware and support working as they should. So, you can free up time to focus on what matters.

You can get in touch for a free IT Health Check or speak to one of Arc’s local IT specialists on 01268 288100 or email [email protected]


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