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Has the time come to outsource your IT requirements?

Is it the right time to outsource my IT?

As a business owner, you will have to make a number of important decisions during the life-cycle of your company; this includes knowing when the right time is to outsource activities such as accounting, marketing and IT.

Below are a few scenarios that can highlight a company’s need to welcome IT support.

Business growth

Understandably, spending tends to be restricted during the start-up phase as companies prioritise cost saving; however, as you begin to experience expansion, it is likely that new needs will arise.  Not only will an IT company support your journey of growth but the partnership will also expose you to specialist resources, such as a secure Data Centre to provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services.

Improve productivity

Quite a number of businesses call upon their most tech-savvy employee to fix IT problems as and when they arise. Whilst this may seem feasible, you should consider the time that is being wasted when the employee has to abandon their core responsibilities.

The presence of a 3rd party will prevent your company’s bottom line from suffering due to such distractions and also ensure that every technical issue is solved fast and efficiently.

Clear understanding of business goals

A review of your company’s current and desired performance could alert you to the advantages of outsourcing.  IT consultants can work collaboratively with your business and suggest tailored services to compliment your company’s goals.

The fulfilment of your company’s vision may require long-term support or it could be that you only need assistance on an ad-hoc basis; either way, an IT company will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate solution.

Changing environment  

The IT landscape is always changing, which can sometimes leave business owners feeling confused and frustrated.

It is reassuring to have an IT company who graces you with their expert knowledge and makes sure you are in the know about the latest processes and techniques to help improve your efficiency.  In addition to this, the majority of IT companies hold an ISO 9001 qualification, so you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of service and advice.

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