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Questions to ask when choosing an IT partner

Make sure you get with the best IT Partner provider by asking the right questions! Here are some examples of questions that can help make the selection process simple and effective.

1)      What level of support do you offer?

Many IT companies offer a variety of IT packages to suit different needs and budgets. For instance, you could opt for a fully managed IT service that will involve unlimited support for all of your IT needs. Always ask what additional costs fall outside of your agreement, for example does it include parts or loan equipment.

2)      What are your response and fix times?

An IT network failure has the potential to bring a whole organisation to a temporary stand-still so it is understandable to want issues fixed as soon as possible.  The majority of companies will guarantee a response time but this simply means that they will always follow-up when a problem is flagged. The specific time period cannot be guaranteed and is likely to vary depending on the level of support you are paying for. Does your supplier offer a guaranteed fix time and loan equipment if unable to resolve within that time frame?

3)      What level of training do your engineers have?

Giving an inexperienced engineer access to your IT could have detrimental consequences. Ask about the level of education and training the company’s team of IT engineers has to help get a reasonable understanding of their competence. You should also check that the engineers have the ability to explain the most elaborate IT problems in simplistic terms!

4)      Can I obtain references?

It is always risky to make a decision solely based off of a sales pitch given by someone who wants your custom. Instead, hear the opinions and feedback of impartial clients, past and present. References give you an insight into the types of businesses and industries the company supports and the challenges they have helped solve.

5)      What about the T&C’s?

The terms and conditions stated within the contract should give you a thorough understanding of what you can expect from the company; this includes their promise of service, cancellation policy and terms for payment. If you are unclear about anything, ask more questions until you are completely satisfied.

6)      What makes us different to other IT companies?

At ARC we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of support, not only technical but also we have strength and depth in our Account Management team. This team is tasked to ensure you are making the most of your partnership with ARC from regular service reviews to advising on the latest security threats and helping to plan for the year ahead.

Resolving technical issues is what IT companies are qualified to do, but there are qualities that separate the good from the best. By asking questions relating to a company’s goals, values and future plans for growth, you will be more successful in selecting an IT company that you can build a strong, long-lasting relationship with.

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