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4 IT Tips to encourage employees to look after their computers

In most busy office environments, computer hardware is in use for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s a pretty heavy schedule. If you were to drive your car for that length of time you would undoubtedly carry out essential maintenance and safety checks – fuel, water, tyre pressure, regular servicing and MOTs. Caring for your IT equipment is also vital to ensure its efficiency and longevity. Find out how to encourage your staff to correctly maintain and look after their hardware.

1) IT Policies

It is sensible for any business to have a comprehensive IT Policy that is explained during the induction period. Once fully understood, staff members should sign the policy to acknowledge their agreement. Consider carefully what your policy needs to include… Are your staff permitted to take IT equipment home? Are they allowed to eat and drink at their desks? Can they receive personal emails at work? Setting out your guidelines clearly and communicating them well can avoid unnecessary damage to devices further down the line.

2) Hygiene

With various users accessing various pieces of technology, from computer keyboards to photocopier controls, it’s wise for IT equipment to be cosmetically cleaned on a regular basis. You can purchase specialist antibacterial wipes and cleaning kits for your staff encouraging them to clean their equipment safely and regularly. Why not put a reoccurring reminder in everyone’s calendar to prompt a regular clean to take place?

3) Cyber safety

With cyber attacks on the increase, training your employees about the dangers of bogus emails, suspicious attachments, viruses, malware and other threats is key to protecting their equipment and your company data. Make sure they are aware of the dangers and know what to do if they get hacked to prevent the situation from escalating.

4) Spring-cleaning

When we refer to spring-cleaning your computer, we’re not talking about making it look better. It is sensible to regularly clear out old files and data to stop an overflowing system from slowing down processing and memory capabilities. Encourage your staff to do this on a regular basis. Once they start they’ll be amazed by what they can put into the trashcan and they’ll enjoy their new, faster running PC. Don’t forget to remind them to empty their trash too – but only once they’re 100% sure that the files are no longer required.

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