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Spam is still a big problem for all businesses. The sheer volume that we get sent on a daily basis serves only to clog up our Email systems and at best can be a distraction, at worst a lethal threat to your business.

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In the past year, 92% of organisations report that their organization has seen ransomware delivered via email attachments and nearly 30% of organisations have seen business operations impacted by ransomware. Any organization, large or small, is the target for a ransomware attack. However, many are not ready for ransomware as they lack effective prevention, a plan for zero downtime, or a process to recover quickly.


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Not all email-based attacks use malicious URLs or attachments.

Business email compromise attacks are designed to trick key
users, often in finance, into making wire transfers or other
financial transactions to cyber-criminals by pretending to be the CEO or CFO. Some also target those responsible for sensitive employee data, for example, payroll information, which could be used for identity theft.

Targeted Threat Protection with Impersonation Protect detects and prevents these types of attacks. Impersonation Protect identifies combinations of key indicators in an email to determine if the content is suspicious, even in the absence of a malicious URL or attachment.

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So you have moved your Email service to Microsoft Office 365.

A common mistake made is to reduce or remove the Email Protection services you had in place for your on premise Email Solution.

Mimecast will keep your Email protected, click the link for more information.

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Manage all the risks of email with Mimecast security and cyber resiliency. Get targeted threat protection, archiving and continuity – all in an integrated service.

With over 112 billion business messages sent per day, email is the number one form of corporate communication.

But it’s under attack from sophisticated hackers, contains valuable corporate information that must be accessible in seconds and impacts productivity when it goes down. Whether your organisation is using a cloud provider, running servers on-premise or in a hybrid environment, the risks of email don’t change. Email defenses must secure the organization and employees against malicious links, attachments and payload less attacks. Information contained in mailboxes needs to be searched quickly for compliance and ligation and be put at the fingertips of staff that need the data. And employees need to keep working despite planned or unplanned server outages.

Managed Email Security in Essex


Most businesses need a service that enables and controls how sensitive data is delivered to external contacts via email. It needs to be simple and intuitive for both the sender and recipient, require minimal IT engagement, while remaining in the data owner’s controls.





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