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Why is Cybersecurity important for my organisation?

Why is Cybersecurity important for your organisation?

If you haven’t had a cybersecurity incident in your organisation it is very easy to think that the hackers are not interested in your business.  Believe us, THEY ARE!

Common misconceptions include.

  1. It will never happen to us. It is not if but when you will be attacked. You may have been already.
  2. We are a small company. Small companies can be easy targets.
  3. Hackers are not interested in us. Hackers are interested in everyone who can make them money.
  4. We have been safe/secure so far. How do you know that is the case?
  5. We train our staff once a year. This is an ever-changing landscape, security evolves daily.
  6. It costs a lot. It doesn’t have to; small changes can mean big security improvements.  All services are per user per month.
  7. We use Free AV. Free AV is just not as good as the paid solutions. Paid solutions have whole security teams working behind them.
  8. Our IT company looks after our security.  Do they give you monthly reports showing your systems are secure?  If not, they may not be.

The statistics are concerning:
Surveys show that 58% of business-related cyberattacks are directed at SMB.
Average cost of a data breach to these businesses: £100,000 and yet, 60% of SMBs lack effective digital protection.

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