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Windows shortcuts to make your IT life easier

Posted on: 24 July 2019
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows. Arc Systems IT Support in Essex and London

Arc Systems are on a mission. We want to provide the UK with some helpful IT support for windows to make your working day that little easier.

From the little tips and tricks you may have never heard before, to the all-important security issues your business needs to know.

In this blog, we want to give you some of the windows operating system shortcuts to may make your life slightly easier.

Each shortcut offers users quicker access to the utility they are seeking out.

So, in the interest of saving some time, below are several Windows shortcuts that will speed up some tasks.

Cycle through open windows – Alt + Tab

Repeatedly pressing the Tab key while holding Alt cycles through open windows and app.

Windows and Virtual desktop – Windows Key + Tab

Opens ‘Task View’ and allows you to switch between open windows and virtual desktops.

Snap Windows – Windows Key + Left / Right Arrow

Simply press the above keys to snap your windows to a specific corner of your screen.

Quick Shut Down – Windows Key + X

Combine the Windows Key and X with any of the below to achieve the following

U – Shut Down
I – Sign Out
R – Restart
H – Hibernate
S – Sleep

Launch the Run Menu – Windows + R

Find a file or folder easily by launching the Run Menu.

For more tips and tricks and helpful information, take a look at the FAQ section of our website.

A full list of windows shortcuts can be found here.