Arc Systems deliver full network replication for medical organisation

Arc Systems provided Clement Clarke Holdings Ltd with a secure and reliable network replication solution. Through an encrypted VPN tunnel, Arc Systems custom N+1 datacentre provided Clement Clarke with the assurance that their data could be quickly recovered in case of an emergency. The solution gives Clement Clarke peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and secure, and that disaster recovery can be made almost instantly.

Clement Clarke Holdings Ltd supports the manufacturing of innovative medical instrumentation companies Haag Streit UK Ltd, Clement Clarke Ltd & John Weiss Son Ltd, based in Harlow.

The client: Clement Clarke Holdings 

Clement Clarke Holdings Ltd supports the manufacturing of innovative medical instrumentation companies Haag Streit UK Ltd, Clement Clarke Ltd & John Weiss Son Ltd, based in Harlow.

The challenge

Following company growth and a need to have a business continuity plan, Clement Clarke recognised that a robust strategy was required for their IT structure to secure high availability.

A solution to not only keep their data secure but to continue to operate as a business should their organisation be subject to an IT security threat or a hardware failure was high on their agenda.

And following a successful relationship, Clement Clarke turned to Arc Systems again for the support, whose onsite data centre facility provided the perfect platform to tackle both problems.

Clement Clarke needed their data replicated to a safe and secure environment. In an emergency, the solution required the capability for them to go back to specific points in time so that their business could operate as normal with minimal loss of data should the unthinkable happen.

Paul Hopkins, IT Systems Administrator of Clement Clarke Holdings Ltd, said: “Due to the nature of our business and our continued growth, we needed a fully managed backup system that provided us with assurances that we could quickly recover specific data or indeed our entire systems.”

“Full Network replication was the best answer for us. It gives us assurances that we can quickly continue to operate as a business and recover anything should we need to.”

The data centre which is located at the Arc Systems offices

The solution

Arc Systems’ custom N+1 data centre provided the base to secure a network replication.

A number of servers were implemented within our data centre to create a dedicated Private Resilient Secure Infrastructure giving Clement Clarke replication of their network within Arc’s data centre.

All secured via an encrypted VPN tunnel between Clement Clarke’s IT network and Arc’s data centre, this offers the medical business an ultra-low RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) meaning any recovery can be made almost instantly.

The first signs of a disaster could soon lead to a recovery within minutes. It takes out the hassle for Clement Clarke knowing that there would be no waiting around from other Cloud Service Backup providers to either get an engineer to look at their problem or spend hours waiting to report a problem.

Arc’s data centre is now safely storing Clement Clarke’s data providing a full solution for their IT Disaster and Business Continuity requirements.

The result 

Thankfully, to date, Clement Clarke Holding Ltd have not needed to invoke the full Disaster Recovery, but have used some of the services including restoring servers, files, folders and emails, which have worked successfully.

“We hope that we never have to go down this route,” continued Mr Hopkins. “But it gives the company peace of mind. We regularly receive reports as proof that the system works as this helps us hugely as we are regularly producing audits.”