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Cybersecurity Fitness Tracking: Exercise in a Box

Exercise in a Box is an online tool from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) which helps organisations test and practise their response to a cyber attack. It is completely free and you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

The service provides exercises, based around the main cyber threats, which your organisation can do in your own time, in a safe environment and as many times as you want. It includes everything you need for setting up, planning, delivery, and post-exercise activity, all in one place.

This iteration of Exercise in a Box has been piloted with small and medium enterprises, local government and the emergency services, but other private and public sector communities could benefit from using it, depending on their needs.

Register now

To use Exercise in a Box you need to register for an account. This enables us to provide you with a tailored report, helping you identify your next steps and pointing you towards the guidance which is most relevant for your organisation.

Once you have registered, you set your profile, pick your exercise(s), and download the materials.

Exercises include the following:

Discussion based exercises

»   A phishing attack that leads to a ransomware infection
»   Mobile phone theft and response
»   Being attacked from an unknown Wi-Fi network
»   Insider Threat resulting in a Data Breach

Cyber threat simulation exercises

»   A simulation to see if your organisation can locate and stop a mock threat

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To find out more about Exercise in a Box, watch the video below.