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Remove Malware for free

Do you want to know a quick-fire way to remove Malware for FREE on your PC?

Our cybersecurity friends at Sophos have a number of free tools which will help keep your PC ‘virus-free’

With Malware attacks on the increase in 2019, these simple tools are a sure-fire way of protecting your workstation.

What is Malware?

Malware, or malicious software, is any programme or file that is harmful to a computer user.

Types of malware can include computer viruses, worms and spyware. These malicious programmes can perform a variety of different functions such as stealing, encrypting or deleting sensitive data.

Attacks can happen in a variety of ways. For example, malicious programmes can be delivered to a system with a USB drive or can spread over the internet through downloads.

An increase in ‘Mobile Malware’ is now popular. Hackers are targeting smartphones (particularly Android devices) to achieve similar results.

How to detect if you have Malware?

If a user detects a sudden loss of disk space, unusually slow speeds or repeated crashes, you may have malware.

If you have also lost documents or folders on your PC, that haven’t been accidentally deleted, you may again be infected.

Your free virus tools

Sophos is our cybersecurity partner who began producing antivirus and encryption products over 30-years ago.

Nowadays their products help secure the networks used by 100 million people in 150 countries and 100,000 businesses.

Their page dedicated to free downloads for PCs and Macs should be visited. There is a wealth of free tools designed to keep you protected.