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Email Security Best Practices: Protecting your business

Arc Systems are teaming up with Email Security Specialists Mimecast to deliver some ‘Email Security Best Practices’ for your business.

In particular, we want to educate businesses on how to spot fraudulent emails.

We have been supporting businesses with their IT solutions for over 25-years. Along with Mimecast, who specialises in cloud-based email management, we want to pass on our knowledge to other organisations and individuals.

We will be supplying you with tips about email security and best practices to help keep your business secure. By the end of this campaign, you will run a FREE webinar which you will be welcome to join.

This webinar will be presented by ourselves and Mimecast, who will discuss key security issues you should be familiar with. As well as this, Mimecast will showcase their software and how they have both been helping businesses across the UK.

Over the course of our campaign we will be looking at some of the following:

Impersonation Attacks: The challenges of impersonation – READ THE BLOG HERE

Every business is a potential target of advanced email impersonation attacks designed to steal money and obtain sensitive data.

In this week, we will educate you on the common impersonation attacks and the top tips you need to employ to protect against these types of attacks.

Links & Attachments: If you suspect deceit hit delete! – READ THE BLOG HERE

The most common tactic employed by hackers is to try and trick users through links and attachments. It requires the least amount of effort and generally preys on the less cyber-aware.

To ensure you don’t fall victim, this section will provide you with the ‘how, what and where’ you should look out for suspicious signs when it comes to links and attachments in an email.

Webinar Event: Learn from the best in the business

At the end of this campaign, Arc Systems and Mimecast will come together to deliver live awareness training for your business.

This will be an opportunity to make sure your business is doing all it can to protect itself from an email attack.

Further details and how to sign up to this webinar will be announced in due course.

Look out for further details on this campaign via this website, on our social media channels – Facebook or Twitter (@arcuksystems) as well as the hashtag #emailsaftey


However, e-mails are just one online platform that needs protection, check out our range of security products to help your business thrive.