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What is an IT Health Check?

If your business is planning to switch IT Support provider, one thing you should undertake is an IT Health Check.

At Arc Systems, our IT Health Checks are an essential way of evaluating a businesses inner IT workings.

Offered as a free service by Arc Systems within our IT support package, we make sure that there are no security breaches or immediate problems.

We make sure that systems are set up properly and ensure adequate protection can be put in place against any possibility of unauthorised entry.

What does an IT Health Check involve?

An IT Health Check is a way of auditing your business’s entire IT setup.

This health check ensures you are following best practices across your businesses network and processes are being consistently followed.

The Scope – What’s covered.

According to the Government’s website, an IT Health Check will cover the following:

External Testing: This should include systems that provide services on the internet such as email servers, web servers and other systems such as the firewalls that are in place to prevent unauthorised access from the internet into your organisation.

External testing should also include any systems you have in place to allow staff to connect into your organisation remotely. These remote access solutions normally involve a VPN that should be tested as part of your external assurance.

Internal Testing: This should include vulnerability scanning and manual analysis of your internal network. At a minimum it should include:

These scans will look to provide assurance that your internal systems have been configured in a secure manner and are being properly maintained at all times.

Output – Findings to the customer

Arc Systems produce a report which summarises the number of issues detected as well as their type and how severe they are.

Arc Systems work alongside our customers to best move forward with their IT requirements.

To book your free IT Health Check with Arc Systems, visit our booking page.