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We combine voice, connectivity and mobile services into unified communications to keep businesses moving forward. You can access our leading-edge business communication solutions through our network of specialist partners or directly from us.

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Communication Solutions

Leased Lines

Internet Connectivity


A leased line provides a fast, low latency and dedicated internet circuit for your business. This means you will not share your bandwidth with anyone else giving you total access to your bandwidth at any time of day. You can choose the line speed required and can increase this to the maximum circuit speed should your business needs change. Leased lines also operate as a symmetrical connection meaning your download and upload speeds will be the same, other forms of internet connectivity usually offer a reduced upload speed impacting on business applications. Arc Systems understands how important connectivity is to keep a business running, therefore leased lines come with a high level of reliability and increased SLA over other forms of internet connections.

What’s Included

  • Reliable Internet connectivity
  • Total Service Level Agreement (SLA); 6 hour guaranteed fix time
  • High speed Internet access
  • Low latency connection
  • Custom speeds from 10mbps up to 10gbps
  • Dedicated bandwidth access
  • Flexibility to increase your bandwidth should your requirements change



Correct network design not only contributes to performance but also how it can cope when things go wrong. When single points of failure exist in your network they can put at risk the operations of a business. Arc Systems have a long history of designing and building resilient networks that deliver the performance and speed required for applications and servers as well as implementing connection resiliency to offer the highest amount of uptime.

Our LAN implementations can cater for multigigabit and low latency connectivity with resilient switch design to make sure servers stay online. Additionally, our WAN connectivity offers High-Availability Firewalls and dual Internet links to keep branch offices and remote workers connected to the business with security being at the forefront of our design.

What’s Included

  • Internet Redundancy
  • High Availability Firewalls
  • Secure Internet
  • Network Resilience
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Multigigabit
  • Hi-Speed Wireless with Wi-Fi 6
  • Low Latency Storage Switching
DSL, 4G & 5G

A Faster Internet

DSL Overview

DSL connections offer a widely available internet connection across the UK. DSL services come in a few different variations with the most popular being FTTC that can offer up to 80mbps download speeds. This means the connection runs on fibre to the exchange to provide faster speeds and can then connect to your business over a traditional phone line. We also cater for ADSL/2+ services where FTTC has not been rolled out yet and can still achieve download speeds of up to 24mbps.

  • Widley available DSL services via traditional telephone connections
  • High speed Fibre DSL (FTTC)
  • ADSL/2+ Services
  • Short installation time
  • No usage caps


4G & 5G Overview

4G and 5G have become an increasingly popular method of connecting to the internet due to its reach, ease of installation and the high speeds these services can offer. Arc Systems can provide and install 4G & 5G firewalls and routers to incorporate into a business network that offer the security required with internet access. Options such as static IP addresses and large data packages are available.

  • High speed internet access where traditional services are not available
  • Complements wired connectivity for backup / DR scenarios
  • Static IP addresses
  • Large data packages available
Remote Working (SD WAN)

Secure Home & Remote Working


Arc Systems has been providing secure and reliable remote and home working solutions for many years. Those same solutions have enabled businesses to cope with the recent challenges of COVID-19 where long term remote working has been required. Arc Systems’ Firewall range offers easy to deploy remote access and includes the latest in security standards to ensure company data is protected when traversing the Internet.

We offer the easy to use on demand SSLVPN connection, this is where software on your mobile device can connect back to the corporate network and allows you to access resources such as shared files or databases. We also offer SD-WAN technology to implement a more permanent secure office connection designed for remote offices or long-term home workers. SD-WAN implementations are a simple way to extend your office IT infrastructure to where it is needed most.

What’s Included

  • Encrypted secure access
  • Always on SD-WAN connectivity
  • Simple deployment for staff to use
  • Extend the office to the home with SD-WAN technology
  • Network Security to help keep office servers and data protected
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Multiple operating systems supported to provide remote access such as Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android
Unified Communications

Unified Business Communication Solutions


Arc Systems is partnered with 8×8, a hosted telephone provider to offer an easy to deploy and full featured telephone system. 8×8’s cloud-based system means you no longer require expensive and complicated hardware installed at your office, all this is hosted by 8×8 and just the handsets require physical deployment. Because of this setup, it is easy to have staff working from the office or at home and the system leverages your internet connectivity to carry voice services.

Arc Systems is also an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner and has been deploying Microsoft Teams to businesses. This software offers a great way to communicate and allows for improved communication with the use of instant messaging, voice calls as well as offering video conferencing abilities.

What’s Included

  • Hosted Telephony
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Improved remote working abilities
  • Faster communication with features such as Instant Messaging
  • Video conferencing features
  • Call recording
  • Easy to deploy and scalable to meet your businesses needs



Managed Wi-Fi for internal and external locations. Full survey and heat map capability with bespoke designed Wi-Fi and infrastructure.

What’s Included

  • Wi-Fi networks for small offices to large enterprise buildings
  • Mesh networks for complete coverage
  • Internal or external coverage
  • Yard, site or Warehouse Wi-Fi coverage
  • Infrastructure cabling with centralised power control and Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Point to Point infrastructure wireless connections
  • Captive portal and guest access

Our Connectivity Solutions

Arc Systems offer business grade data and voice connectivity services ranging from copper to fibre Ethernet to Unified Business Communications via 8×8 to integrated voice within Microsoft Teams.

For more traditional phone systems we also offer SIP solutions to get those calls running over your existing internet connection saving you a significant cost than soon to be retired ISDN services.

More than ever we need the agility to collaborate and remote work as if we are in the office, not just in IT Systems but also telephony.

Our Business Communication Solutions meet businesses demand for a reliable, scalable and flexible communications and UC platforms, whether a small, medium or enterprise sized organisation with multiple sites or a single office.

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I would just like to say thank you for your teams support with getting things sorted to enable us to work from home. Waste Removal, London
Very pleased with how James implemented the network refresh project. HR Consultants, Essex
Can’t thank your team enough for all the help they have given us, a great service. Solicitor, Suffolk


Q: Can I Use Microsoft Teams as A Telephone System?

Yes! with adding Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Direct Routing subscriptions.

Aa a vast number of businesses have already embraced the use of Microsoft Teams recently it has become the foundation of communication for many home workers. By using Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing add on subscription you can turn your Teams environment into a simple and cost-effective telephony solution, allowing organisations of any size or industry to make and receive calls to external landlines and mobile phones from the Microsoft Teams application. This gives you the power to manage all your collaboration and communication through one easy-to-use interface.


Direct Routing add-on subscription service allows organisations to make calls within Teams using SIP trunks to route the calls outside of the business. This service allows those already using Teams for collaboration, to add voice functions and a variety of additional call control features for its users, enhancing Teams into a comprehensive cloud UC solution to include enterprise grade telephony.

Q: What is a Microsoft Direct ExpressRoute connection?

ExpressRoute Direct lets you connect directly into Microsoft’s global network at peering locations strategically distributed globally.  As ExpressRoute connections do not traverse the public Internet, they offer more reliability, faster speeds and lower latencies than typical Internet connections. If you are deploying an enterprise Azure environment or you are a heavy O365 estate using a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connection to transfer data between on-premises systems and Azure can also give significant cost benefits.

Q: What is SD-WAN, and what does it mean for networking, security, cloud?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), is a software approach to managing a wide-area network, offering ease of deployment, centrally managed, reducing costs, and improving connectivity between HQ and branch offices, home or remote workers and the cloud. SD-WAN technology delivers a high-quality experience to a remote office or home worker securely, reliably, and efficiently.


Q: When will Openreach ISDN \ PSTN services be switched off?

Openreach announced in 2015-16 that from 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines with a target date of 2025 for a switch off date. They have now revised that date and have stated that you can purchase ISDN lines up to September 2023. There will be a forced migration phase between April and December 2025.

By December 2025, the traditional analogue phone network (the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN) will reach the end of its life and newer fibre based digital technologies will take its place.  This means that around 16 million lines and channels will need to be upgraded to alternative products over the next few years.

Q: What is Fibre to the premises (FTTP)?

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a pure fibre connection from the exchange, into your business. It offers higher broadband speeds to specific premises in areas that have been enabled for FTTP (speeds up to 330/50MB/s).

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