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Could mobile devices be a weak link in your security?

What is Mobile Device Security?

Often referred to as mobile device security this term refers to methods for protecting sensitive information stored on and transmitted by mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other portable devices. The purpose of a mobile device security plan is keeping unauthorised users from accessing the network.


Why is mobile device security important?

With more than half of business PCs now mobile, portable devices present distinct challenges to network security, which must account for all of the locations and uses that employees require of the company network. Potential threats to devices include malicious mobile apps, phishing scams, data leakage, spyware, and unsecure Wi-Fi networks. On top of that, enterprises have to account for the possibility of an employee losing a mobile device or the device being stolen. To avoid a security breach, companies should take clear, preventative steps to reduce the risk.


How does mobile device security work?

Securing mobile devices requires a multi-layered approach and investment in enterprise solutions. While there are key elements to mobile device security, each organization needs to find what best fits its network.


5 tips for better mobile security


Our Solution?

Our mobile device management allows businesses to manage their business mobile and tablet devices to ensure they are controlled and managed centrally. This allows businesses to protect and manage their data on devices such as emails and protect these devices from accidental loss or theft by means of remote wipe or encryption. As businesses are moving more services towards the cloud, by using a central MDM solution via Microsoft Intune or Sophos Mobile Control we can create policies to ensure the security of these devices are standardized across the board and deployment of apps is simple and fast.