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Cyber Security – Stay Ahead of the Game

We all lock our houses, alarm our cars and keep our pin numbers and passwords safe, but stringent cybersecurity, both personal and commercial, is more important now than ever before! The ways in which malware and viruses are disguised is becoming harder to detect and therefore it is easier to fall foul of an attack. So, what do you need to look out for in order to stay safe?

Fraudulent emails are a common way of hackers damaging or gaining access to your system/s. The nature of these types of emails has evolved and suspect content is no longer glaringly obvious. It’s often difficult to know if something you have received poses any danger or not. Fraudulent emails arrive disguised from companies that you transact with and other sources that appear genuine. The sender’s address can even look believable. The important thing to remember is never to open any links or click on any attachments unless you know the sender and are 100% sure the email is safe. If unsure, contact the company the email appears to be from and check with them if they have sent anything for your attention or action. It is highly unlikely that your bank would ever actually ask you to action anything on your account by sending you an email communication, so remain cautious at all times.

As well as IT systems, we must be mindful of website security too. If your website comes under attack from a hacker then the time and money lost rectifying the situation will far likely outweigh the cost of having installed appropriate web security methods in the first place. There are numerous ways to protect and secure your website, but it isn’t a one-off task. As cyber attacks become more intelligent, security software is updated accordingly, so you must ensure you have the most up to date versions in place.

Whilst certain cyber attacks, aimed at corporate organisations or specific businesses may have a purpose or value to the hacker, we are also exposed to pointless viruses and attacks that can cause huge amounts of disruption for no reason whatsoever. Staying ahead of the game is critical!

If you’re unsure of the best way to secure your IT systems and website then the team at Arc Systems can provide expert advice and guidance. We are approved partners of some of the best security software providers in the world, enabling us to suggest the most suitable, tailored solutions for our clients.

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