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How to know if you’ve outgrown your IT support

Growth is part of every business’ journey. In fact, growth is usually the goal for most businesses. Market growth, profit growth, expansion, acquisition… whatever your specific goals, growth is key to success. However, sometimes your business’ IT support fails to grow with you – and that can have a serious impact on your short- and long-term goals. 

The telltale signs of outgrowing your IT partner can be easy to miss, especially when juggling 101 other business priorities. But if ignored, it can result in unnecessary exposure to cyber threats, increased downtime, lowered productivity and significantly reduced ROI on your tech investments. 

The key is knowing what to look out for. Here are some of the giveaway signs that you’ve outgrown your IT partner, and how to find the right supplier to accommodate your evolving needs. 

1. Your systems are going out of date 

 You might not think of your IT systems as having an expiration date, but you’d be surprised. With so much new technology constantly entering the market, it’s only natural that legacy systems are gradually phased out to make way for more modern, emerging solutions. 

Equally, your software will regularly require updates to ensure it is protected against evolving threats, bugs and user complaints are resolved, and that it’s equipped to process ever-growing quantities of data. 

When the vendor eventually opts to cease launching updates to phase out the software, that’s where you should be able to rely on your IT supplier. 

Being aware of out-of-date software before it becomes a problem is critical to ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to downtime or cyber attacks, and so that your daily operations don’t grind to a halt. If out-of-date systems start to impact the efficiency and productivity of your organisation, then it could mean your IT partner isn’t able to offer the support you need. 

2. You’re having to make suggestions as you grow 

The best IT suppliers anticipate and prepare for business growth. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new emerging tools and technologies, they know about upcoming software upgrades, and they know how to help your IT infrastructure evolve with your business. 

If you are having to find out about upgrades and suggest new tools as you grow, it likely means that your current IT partner doesn’t have the bandwidth to offer the proactive support you need as your business expands. 

The right IT partner is always one step ahead, anticipating future needs and considering ways to adapt, integrate, and transform technologies to aid your business’ growth and development. 

3. Response times are getting slower 

When an IT issue arises, rapid response time is business-critical. Whether it’s a system fault, security breach or anything in between – you need to know that the experts are on hand for all your IT needs, no matter how big or small. 

Your day-to-day business operations are reliant on seamless, effective IT systems, so when something goes wrong, the knock-on effects are felt across the entire business – from communications to data reporting to virtual client meetings and more. If the problem isn’t resolved as quickly as possible, it can seriously impact your business’ costs, productivity and performance. 

If the response times of your current IT partner have been increasing, it likely means they are unable to keep pace, and it’s time to find a new supplier who is able to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, with minimal business disruption. 

4. Your IT support fails to anticipate future challenges 

In business, you always have to be one step ahead. The same can be said for your IT supplier. Effective business IT support is all about staying ahead of the curve, resolving current challenges, while also anticipating challenges that might arise in the near future. 

As your business continues to grow, evolve and develop, so should your IT infrastructure. Your systems will need to adapt to accommodate new users, needs, technologies and hurdles across your organisation. 

The best IT suppliers know to be proactive, instead of reactive. It’s not just about your current IT challenges and needs, but also understanding your business’ plans for expansion and development, and considering how your IT will need to evolve with it. 

A strong indicator that you might have outgrown your IT partner is when they are no longer anticipating these developments. Without this forward-thinking approach, your IT partner stays two steps behind, stuck in the present and failing to see what lies around the corner – which can not only stunt your business’ growth, but also leave you at risk of emerging threats and cyber developments. 

Business IT support that grows with you 

IT support for businesses is designed to enable growth, not hold you back. If any of the above issues resonate with you, then chances are you have outgrown your IT supplier, and they are no longer supporting you in a way that aligns with your business goals. You need an IT partner that can not only keep pace, but forge a path for future growth and development. 

At Arc Systems, we don’t just arm you with the technology you need to succeed. We support you at every step, anticipating your every need, and ensuring you have the infrastructure, guidance and expertise needed to get the most out of your investments. 

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