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Why you should include a Hosted Desktop for your business

At Arc Systems, we can provide the platform to deploy a hosted desktop for your business.

Furthermore, Arc Systems can also deliver you peace of mind that your application and data are continually protected.

Hosted desktops are now becoming the norm for businesses as it unlocks a wealth of advantages for an organisation.

But what exactly is Hosted Desktop?

Basically, a hosted desktop stores all operating systems, files, emails and applications in the cloud.

A hosted desktop provides the same functionality as a physical desktop, but is usually acceded through a web browser.

What are the benefits of a Hosted Desktop?

There are a number of benefits to a hosted desktop. Our top three are the following:


It’s cheaper to incorporate a virtual desktop infrastructure. As well as eliminating the cost of server maintenance, it also possible to give multiple users access to the same operating system, but manage it from one central location.


For some businesses, security is an issue when considering a cloud-based solution.

A single breach of sensitive data can have a huge impact on a business, but using a hosted desktop and the cloud means your data is stored away from the machine itself.

This means you can access your data regardless of what has happened to your machine. You could even wipe data from lost or stolen devices.


One of the biggest benefits of a hosted desktop is the ability to allow your employees to access their desktop remotely.

Whether that be on a laptop, tablet or mobile device, employees can access their data any place and at any time.

It means you can access emails, files and other important data without sitting at a desk in your office.

Hosted Desktop at Arc Systems

At Arc Systems, we truly believe in choice and offering our clients the correct solution for them.

Owning our own private data centre facility enables us to offer either a full or hybrid private cloud solution.

We also enjoy our working relationship with Microsoft, meaning we can also provide full or hybrid public cloud.

It really does come down to what is the most suitable for your business, be it functionality, security, control or cost. At Arc Systems you won’t be boxed in.


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