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An inside look on how Arc Systems are providing IT Support in Essex

Arc Systems have proudly been providing IT Support in Essex for our customers for over 25-years. Utilising the many years experience of our highly trained engineers, we tackle some of the most complex IT issues.

However, have you ever wondered how our customer calls are handled to make sure the problems are resolved effectively?

Does your company not outsource its IT infrastructure and want a better understanding of how we could help?

This blog focuses on answering those questions, as well as looking at the support that Arc Systems can provide your business.

The Background – Why outsource your IT?

In 2016, research published showed that businesses lose about two weeks of productivity per employee per year due to day-to-day technical problems.

Many organisations try to get around the problem by hiring internal IT staff. However, even a team that’s forced to maintain an entire IT infrastructure by itself are likely to occur problems.

Outsourcing your IT is now becoming a fast and effective approach taken by most businesses. Arc Systems pride themselves by recruiting top engineers at a variety of different skills, as well as working alongside the best partners in the industry.

However what makes Arc Systems the company that is used by hundreds of organisations across the region?

Understanding our IT Help Desk

When our customers escalate a problem, Arc Systems have documented ISO 9001:2015 processes in place for handling IT queries.

STEP ONE: Creating a Support Ticket
When a customer contacts our help desk – either via phone, email or our online support portal – a ticket is raised. Customers are presented with an email copy of their ticket and their problem is pushed into our Help Desk queue and respond to depending on their SLA (Service Level Agreement).

STEP TWO: Analysing the problem
When a support ticket is assigned, Arc Systems look to resolve the matter on the first attempt. However, when this isn’t possible our team will place the problem with one of our 2nd or 3rd line engineers. Our team have a variety of different skills and depending on the cause of the problems, this will depend on which engineer your case is assigned to.

STEP THREE: Testing and Resolving
The solution to a problem may involve remote support, on-site support, or a combination of both. However, our help desk technicians will never consider a support ticket closed until they’ve taken the time to verify the issue, it has been completely tested and the customer is happy.

STEP FOUR: Serious IT Issues
On occasions, serious IT issues occur. Arc Systems employ a number of 3rd line technicians who are always on hand to deal with these occurrences. It is normally at step two that a decision is made about assigning a level three technician.

What makes our Help Desk great!

Arc Systems’ Help Desk team is built on a mixture of good knowledgeable people as well as delivering good customer relationships.

Our team not only supports your entire IT infrastructure, but also makes you feel valued and listened to as well.

We make your computers and business efficiency our personal concern and we look to support our customers as quickly as possible.

Here is what we aim to deliver:

Pricing Structure – Keeping your budget under control

Arc Systems feel that a quality help desk package should include unlimited on-site and off-site support. And that’s what we can guarantee.

We also offer flexibility in our packages. With a response time ranging from instant to within eight hours, Arc Systems can provide you with peace of mind at a price to suit your business.

Another option for our IT Services comes in our variety of different IT Support packages.

These include the following

Security, Backup and Cloud solutions

Arc Systems’ support can cover a multitude of areas. We team up with the best partners in the business to tackle areas of IT such as cybersecurity, backup and cloud solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Arc specialise in cloud solutions and as Sophos’ (cybersecurity partner) Managed Services Provider of the Year in 2019 we deal with many security issues.

We also team up with partners such as Veeam, Mimecast and 8×8 to offer solutions to IT problems you may not have considered.

Essex’s Trusted IT Partner

Do you need help addressing your day-to-day IT issues? Do you need to act NOW before they harm productivity and cost?

Arc Systems have been around for over 25-years. During that time we’ve enhanced how we operate and put world-class IT support within easy reach for businesses across Essex and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our services and solutions, contact us from the details on our website.