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Keeping your business safe in the email threat landscape

Our final edition in our Email Security Best Practices campaign looks at how you can stay safe in the email threat landscape.

The power of email safety awareness.

Email-borne threats have always targeted individuals, duping them into clicking links, opening attachments or providing passwords.

However, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested in the latest cybersecurity tools – if your users can’t spot a suspicious link or fraudulent email, your defences are likely to be compromised.

It’s for these reasons EFCIS have been keen to make our customers aware of the dangers of email criminality. Some of the tips given below may seem obvious, but the power of informing all your staff members could be invaluable.

Create a unique password

It’s a fact that a secure password is almost impossible to guess without some insight. The more complex the password, the more time it takes to be worked out.

Use upper and lower case letters, use number and special characters and use random numbers and letter rather than words.

Using a two-tier authentication, albeit sounding very technical, is quite straightforward and should be adopted. A two-tier authentication means even if a criminal manages to guess a password to your account, the individual will still require a code to get your message and cause issue.

Keep software updated

Hackers love security flaws. An exploit sometimes can infect your computer with no action on your part other than viewing a rogue website or opening a compromised message.

Updating your software is a time-consuming process – but its importance needs highlighting.

Keeping your security software up-to-date is critical because it can help protect you from the latest threats.

Arc Systems can assist with this and their contact details can be found at the bottom of this email.

Training, training and even more training

Awareness, such as what we are doing with this email campaign, drives the problems businesses face. However, on-hand training for your staff will continue to deliver a powerful message on how important this matter is.

Signing up to Thursday’s webinar could be the first step your business takes to find out more on what you can do to help protect your business.

However, there a plenty of online training courses available and these are certainly worth investing in.

Don’t use company email for private messages.

To limit the chances of hackers targeting your email system, make sure that only work-related messages are hitting your computers. Discourage all your employees from using company communication systems to talk to friends or shop online.

If people in your office need to access personal accounts for any reason during the working day, tell them to do so via their smartphone and their mobile internet.

For further information

If you have any questions, are concerned about your email security don’t hesitate to contact Arc Systems for further details.

They can be contacted on [email protected], or you can speak to one of their representatives by calling 01268 288100.


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