Why Cyber Essentials is important for your business

With cyber attacks becoming an imminent danger, the need to become Cyber Essential certified for businesses becomes important.

If you are an SME business, this is the right time to act and move forward by making sure your company is compliant.

And, furthermore, Arc Systems are in the position to help you gain these important qualifications. But what is Cyber Essentials all about?

The background.

Cyber Essentials is a scheme back by the UK government that was launched in 2014. The standard provides simple but effective guidelines that protect organisations against cyber attacks.

The aim of this scheme is to guide organisations to adopt the best practices in their information security strategy.

Upon gaining a Cyber Essentials qualification, businesses have shown best practices against the most prevalent cyber threats.

This certification is the first step in the right direction for SMEs to protect themselves in this age of cyber warfare.

The benefits for SMEs

There are a number of benefits that SMEs can look forward to when obtaining certification.

Some include:

  1. Protection against common cyber attacks

If your business does gain Cyber Essentials qualification, it won’t stop 100% of cyber attacks. However Cyber Essentials helps organisations mitigate the risks of the most likely one by providing a strong platform to work with.

  1. Enhance business reputation

Credibility and trustworthiness are two keywords that all businesses want to follow. Providing your Cyber Essentials certification will certainly boost your image as a business and also as a secure company.

  1. Increase Opportunities

If your organisation has any plans to bid for UK Government contracts, then unless you are Cyber Essential certified, you have no chance. UK Government (as well as other organisations) will no longer deal with any business that don’t obtain Cyber Essential qualifications.

  1. Save Money

Insurance agencies look favourably on SME’s with Cyber Essentials. As you can prove that measures are in place to optimise security and reduce the chance of a cyber attack.

Next steps for you:

If you want to join the thousands of companies nationwide that have opted for Cyber Essentials, then Arc Systems can help.

We are proud to launch our new cybersecurity service to help our clients enhance their IT security and protect their business. Our new security and external penetration testing services ensure that your network is pro-actively monitored enabling our team of expert engineers to patch known vulnerabilities as soon as a new threat is identified.

Our new services will include security best practice processes and solutions and starts from as little at £45.00 per month, with our advanced service, you can also achieve the Government Cyber Essentials certification.

Head over to our ?? page to find out more information on our services.